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The place you live is bound to seep into your consciousness which is why my family and I make our home in the Eastern Sierra.  We live in a small house with a large yard filled with fruit trees and year-round vegetable garden. Our daughter is five and our first-born son, catholula leopard hound Birkie, is turning eight (we think). We find ourselves outside a lot, climbing, hiking, exploring, and pretending we can fly from the treehouse in the apricot tree. 

Photographs have an odd way of working under and around the actual memory itself. When making pictures I take memory and emotion very seriously. Good photography tells a story and  I like think of myself as  an observer with a keen eye for detail, lighting, narrative moments, and composition—to name a few.  

 My goals are many, but in the main I want to be sure I capture the emotion even collective consciousness of the whole wedding or a family, and in particular the love that permeates families coming together.  While I’m working, I reach a state of flow, perceptively sensitive to events that will tell a good story and become a historical record of a very special time in your lives.

And as a photojournalist and writer I am deeply aware of the narrative, drawn to candid moments that are honest and truthful, beautiful, and authentic. 

All to say I don’t Shoot your wedding like a deer hunter, but rather Make photographs, rendering your blessed day into a distinctive vision. 

Double exposure of my daughter and me. 

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